How it Works?

It's simple. You have three options to create your flyer: using a previous flyer, uploading your own, or choosing one of our templates. Then, you customize your design, proof it, and choose your delivery area. It's a simple, hassle-free way to gather the largest potential audience for your listing.

Tons of Readymade Templates!

Step One: Start

Once you choose to begin designing a flyer, you receive an order number and see three options: Create New Flyer, Use Previous Flyer, and Upload Your Own Flyer. Make your choice and move onto the next step.

Step Two: Choose Your Flyer

This is where you select your flyer type. Choices include Open House Flyer, Holiday Flyer, and Property Flyer. You'll see a selection of templates for each type, as well as a large preview of the highlighted option. Make your choice and hit Save and Continue.

Step Three: Design Your Flyer

This is where the fun starts. Upload images, choose your color palette, pick your favorite font, and start entering property details. Moving photos around and changing colors and fonts is a breeze, and if you don't like a change, simply hit the Undo button; problem solved!

Step Four: Proof

Now is the time to review your flyer. Look out for typos, misused words, and anything else you don't want to wind up in the finished product.

You also get to look enter the information for your email campaign, including the listing number and price, address, and what you want to say.

Step Five: Send

Once you have your flyer and email created, choose your delivery area, enter your payment information, and click Send. Congratulations! You've just emailed 10,000 agents your listing.