Are Real Estate Flyers Still Effective?

Worried real estate flyers are no longer effective? Check out the facts before you skip them.

Are Real Estate Flyers Still Effective?

Are Real Estate Flyers Still Effective for Marketing?

As a realtor in today’s competitive market, you are all about finding a way to give yourself an edge.

While you are aware of the digital options, an efficient marketing tool is out there, and it is extremely inexpensive.

What powerful marketing tool could you use without a significant upfront investment?

Real estate flyers.

Today, real estate flyers are easily created. Websites offer you multiple templates, graphics, and designs so that you can create one in less than 10 minutes. There’s no requirement for previous design experience. In fact, you could be completely design illiterate and churn out an active, professional flyer.

Why Real Estate Flyers are Still Relevant Today

Flyers are still an effective way to generate business as a real estate agent.

Even with all the technology available to you, people still check their mailboxes and pick up flyers when they see them on “for sale” signs.

While you may think that most of your efforts should focus on email and social media, do not discount the traditional print methods too.

Why use print?

There are still homebuyers that do not rely solely on the internet. According to the National Association of Realtors, 17 percent of homebuyers in 2016 contacted a real estate agent before hunting online. Also, 64 percent of home sellers found their agent not using the internet, but instead word of mouth.

So, not everyone is on the internet looking for an agent or even a home. Making print still a relevant form of advertisement.

People like to receive mail, but not junk mail. If real estate flyers look like junk, they will most likely throw it away without even reading it. To avoid the trash, you need to design an effective flyer that attracts the attention of potential buyers.

5 Reasons Why Real Estate Flyers are Still Effective

  1. They are Inexpensive

Compared to digital advertising, print advertising has seen a massive discount over the past few years, which benefits you, the business. Flyers are very cost effective to print, and even with a costly paper stock, you are going to pay less for print than setting up a website.

Print Magazine’s Roberto Blake states that print advertisement is one of the most cost-effective gateway ads. They entice people to view your social media page, check out homes you have for sale, and contact you for information about your real estate services.

You can use flyers to create hashtag buzz for your real estate office, or announce your latest homes.

In a study cited by the International News Media Association, advertisers received on average all of their costs for print advertisements back plus an extra 20%. That is an impressive return on the investment.

  1. A Simple Way to Deliver a Powerful Message

Getting information about your homes or services out is as simple as attaching flyers to “for sale” signs, handing them out to people on the streets, or mailing them to a targeted demographic. There is no digital hook required to reach a broad audience.

If the flyer is impressive to look at (including rich graphics), people will look at it long enough to absorb some of the messages.

  1. People Still Read Flyers They Receive

Whether they pick one up out of the information box, receive one from a distributor on the street, or even find it in their mail, people read flyers.

Using an easy-to-read format with the most relevant information in bold or larger font sizes can ensure that they capture the valuable information.

If someone is interested in what they read, they may keep your flyer to refer to it or contact you later.

  1. Real Estate Flyers Do Not Require a Marketing Expert

You do not have to be a marketing guru to create an efficient design. In fact, with today’s services, you can create or order a real estate flyer that is powerful, practical and drives results without taking a single marketing class.

  1. You Can Leverage Digital Delivery to Empower Flyers Even More

Today you can take advantage of the power of email and other digital resources to deliver your flyers – making them relevant and effective. Not only can you order them for physical print, but you can upload an email list and distribute your digital flyer version to potential homebuyers, sellers, and more.

Harness the Power of Real Estate Flyers Today

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All our campaigns are customizable and flexible to your marketing goals and needs.

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